55 Point SEO checklist, with Tutorials

55 Point SEO checklist, with Tutorials

$ 64.00

Are you a freelancer or small business?

Download the 55 point SEO checklist that makes the entire SEO process simple, with links to tutorials, tools or resources for each step.

What do you get?

✔️ 55 point SEO checklist
✔️ Lifetime updates
✔️ Links to tutorials, tools, and resources
✔️ Bonus personal checklist

Turn your SEO into an easy to follow checklist, for personal or client use.



The only SEO Checklist you need in 2022. 👍 With links to tutorials for each step.


  1. Peter


  2. Jessica

    How regular do you update

    • admin

      Free weekly updates on a Friday is the current plan 🙂

  3. Callum

    So far so good

  4. Li


  5. Ana

    Starting my own small website business and don’t have a lot of money. Al the links for self-teaching are available. I have learned so much already – 11/10!

    • admin

      Thank you, Ana!

  6. admin

    Hi Ben, For now, we believe all 55 tasks are key for any successful SEO campaign. We may add more in the future 🙂

  7. admin

    Hi Simon, we believe all 55 tasks are a must for any SEO campaign. Thanks!

  8. admin

    Thanks Jane!

  9. Pen


  10. G

    Good list

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