USB Voice Recorder


USB Voice Recorder

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You probably have several USB drives like this one laying around your desk. But this one contains a tiny microphone hidden inside of it.

One switch to start the recording which can hear you talking clearly up to 20 feet away!

16GB storage.

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Put this recorder on your desk or pocket. You can record yourself talking to your boss or a coworker and they will not recognize anything special!

No need to install any software. Simply plug it into your computer and the recording folders will automatically open.




16GB of storage so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

10-hour battery life.

Sound can be clearly recorded from 20 feet away

Plug it into your computer to access recordings & charge the battery (Can still record while charging).

Works on all computers, no software required!

How to use

Insert the memory card into the recorder. On the side of the USB drive, there’s a small switch for power. When you flip the switch, the voice recorder turns on and starts recording everything nearby. When you’re done recording, flip the switch to turn the power off.

To hear the recording you just made, plug it into your computer and a folder on the flash drive will automatically open.

Every time you turn the power on, a new file is made. When you turn it off, that audio file is saved. That makes it so easy to keep your conversations organized.


Height: 7cm
Width: 2.2cm

In the box

USB Voice recorder
16GB memory card.

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  1. Glen

    Received product. Works very well and gives good quality of the recorded sound. Also decent shipping time too. Thanks!

  2. Jane

    Highly recommended product, excellent price quality, received perfectly packaged and protected. Good shopping.

  3. Jacob

    Works, the sound quality is super, the flash drive is good.

  4. Jessica

    Works perfectly. recording Is very good.

  5. Anika

    Everything works, delivery fast

  6. Mathew

    Perfect to remember small notes

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